About Us

Bode Preschool and Child Care Center, has been serving the community with top-quality childcare for over 25 years.

Bode Preschool and Child Care Center has always strived to provide the highest standard of care and educational opportunity for children. We offer child care, preschool and school age educational services to children, infancy through 12 years.

Bode Preschool and Child Care Center embraces the impressionable first years in a child’s life by fostering each child’s uniqueness. We provide high-quality early childhood education and development programs that focus on the health, safety and development of the whole child.

Our age-specific, proprietary curriculum assures that children are nurtured socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually, creating well-rounded individuals. Whether gently holding your infant, encouraging your toddler to share, or providing your preschooler with a wide range of enriching activities, our teachers understand your child’s needs. Our teachers are dedicated to helping your children as they move through the many transitions in their lives.

We know how important it is to find childcare you really trust, and we at Bode Preschool and Child Care Center take this job very seriously.